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Fine Jewellery Commissions

Jewellery Design & Repairs

We work with all metals including 9ct & 18ct Gold, Silver & Platinum.

Services Include:

  • Bespoke Design
  • CAD Drawings

We offer a bespoke design and re-modelling service, to suit your individual style and budget.


We ensure that from inspiration to completion, you are involved in every step.

A model is created to allow you, to view the piece in detail before it is cast in the specified precious metal. Once cast, hallmarked, set and polished, the piece will be transformed.

Throughout each step, we like to keep you informed and photographs of the process will be documented, which are available upon request. 


We can remodel jewellery into a brand-new design just for you, re-using stones to enable you to hold on to the original sentiment.

We also offer a full aftercare service to ensure that your jewellery continues to look its best.

The Process

From your initial brief, we give consultation and technical advice to guide you through the process, to create that perfect, personalised piece of jewellery.

Our skilled in-house jeweller John, will prepare hand drawn sketches, and sometimes use computer-aided-design, to transform your treasured pieces of jewellery or to create a new one. Once the specifications have been agreed we will provide you with a quote.

Whether you are creating something new, or re-modelling an existing piece, you will go through the following three stages of; Design, Moulding and Completion.


    Design StageFor your initial free consultation, we would advise that you to make an appointment with our in-house jeweller, where you will be able to discuss your thoughts and ideas, for that unique piece of jewellery.

    We will then be able to guide you through the process, starting with hand drawn sketches and any technical advice you need to know. The sketches will then be transferred into precise and detailed drawings for you to choose from. Occasionally, a computer-aided-design (CAD) will be produced if required.


    Design MouldingOnce the final design has been chosen, the best method to achieve the desired result is then selected. The most popular being a ‘lost Wax’ casting.

    A model of the piece is hand-carved from wax. This requires a significant amount of patience and incredible skill. Or if the CAD option is preferable then the model is computer generated. It is at this point, we will ask you to visit us again, so that you will be able to view and make any adjustments or alterations to the design if desired, before it is sent for casting.


    Complete DesignThe cast piece of jewellery is in a ‘rough’ stage, so will need to be burnished and buffed before being polished.

    If there are any stones to be set this will be done before the polishing stage.

    Now your beautiful and gleaming piece of jewellery is complete and ready to take home and cherish or give as a gift.

    Contact us on 0121 355 0620 or fill in the form below for more information, or to pop in for a chat about your next commissioned piece.

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